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Epica is a Dutch symphonic metal band founded by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen subsequent to his departure from After Forever.
Epica performs a blend of progressive metal, gothic metal and symphonic metal. Another component of Epica's style is power metal; their former guitarist Ad Sluijter having described the band as "a bridge between power metal and gothic metal." Vocalist Simone Simons has expressed a preference for the group to be described as symphonic metal though the founder of the group Mark Jansen notes that they do not mind being called gothic metal.
The music of Epica is aggressive, bombastic and excessive with some songs being "epic, grand and majestic" and others "more subdued and introspective."
The band is also known to have progressive tendencies while a gothic atmosphere and sentimentality is also present in their music.
Epica uses a "trademark of many symphonic and gothic metal bands" in contrasting "two extremes, death grunts and brutality on one side, airy female melodiousness on the other." Eduardo Rivadavia of Allmusic notes that the band's "attraction ultimately hinges on exploring the sonic contrasts of light and dark; the punishing intensity of those elephantine guitar riffs and hyperactive drumming cast against the soaring, layered sweetness of the orchestrated strings and keyboards." Simone Simons delivers operatic vocals in a mezzo-soprano range though she has also been known to sometimes sing "with a clear alto voice that has a flawless tone and a lot of emotion." Mark Jansen delivers death grunts "that are secondary to Simons' singing, but very important in terms of balance and variety." The group is also known to employ human choirs and orchestras with additional embellishments such as spoken word recitals and lyrics in Latin and Arabic.

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Event Date Venue Country City Tickets
Epica (21:00) 16.12.21 Teatro Caupolicán   Chile Santiago sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (20:00) 06.01.22 Haus Auensee   Germany Leipzig sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (20:00) 07.01.22 C-Halle (Columbiahalle)   Germany Berlin sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (20:00) 11.01.22 Planet.tt Bank Austria Halle Gasometer B   Austria Vienna sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (20:00) 12.01.22 Hala Vodova   Czech Republic Brno-Královo Pole sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (19:00) 13.01.22 Barba Negra Music Club   Hungary Budapest sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (20:00) 15.01.22 TonHalle München   Germany Munich sell tickets order tickets
Epica & Apocalyptica - The Epic Apocalypse Tour (19:30) 17.01.22 Salle Métropole   Switzerland Lausanne sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (19:30) 18.01.22 Komplex 457   Switzerland Zurich sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (20:00) 21.01.22 MHPArena   Germany Ludwigsburg sell tickets order tickets
Epica & Apocalyptica (19:00) 22.01.22 Ancienne Belgique   Belgium Brussels sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (20:00) 03.03.22 DOCKS   Germany Hamburg sell tickets order tickets
Epica & Apocalyptica (18:30) 04.03.22 AFAS Live   Netherlands Amsterdam sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (19:30) 05.03.22 Carlswerk Victoria   Germany Köln sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (19:00) 08.03.22 Rock City Nottingham   United Kingdom Nottingham sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (19:00) 09.03.22 O2 Academy Glasgow   United Kingdom Glasgow sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (19:00) 10.03.22 Manchester Academy 1   United Kingdom Manchester sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (19:00) 12.03.22 O2 Academy Bristol   United Kingdom Bristol sell tickets order tickets
Apocalyptica & Epica (19:00) 13.03.22 Roundhouse   United Kingdom London sell tickets order tickets

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