We operate in the secondary market of tickets for live events all over the world. Prices depend on the popularity of the event and may be below or above face value.

General Terms and Conditions
Please read this page carefully and in its entirety, it details important information on our policies and terms of service. Terms and Condition updated and valid from the 1st January 2011. 
euro-ticket.com (hereafter referred to as the Site) is not affiliated and not linked with any official event organisers, booking offices, stadiums or ticket sales offices. If you (the Buyer) want to buy tickets directly from an organiser, stadium or ticket booking office, you must do it by yourself.
The Site mediates only in the formation of an agreement between ticket buyers and sellers on its platform. The following conditions shall only apply to the service provided as a mediator.
About the Site 
The Site is a platform on which the Site supplies the service which facilitates the buying and selling of tickets by buyers and sellers.
By using the service on euroticket.com.ua websites (euroticket.com.ua and other related websites on which this agreement is published), you agree with the following terms and conditions of the Site.
The Site is an independent, private company registered in Ukraine. 
Our address is 1 Vershigory street, 02218, Kiev, Ukraine. You can reach us by phone +380 (44) 222-87-22, 222-89-22 or via E-mail: info@euroticket.com.ua. 
Additional Policy This sales agreement also includes other agreements published on the Site, including the privacy policy. 
Registration personal profile Before you place an order or register for a personal profile at the Site, you have to read and accept all terms and conditions listed in this user agreement and in the privacy policy.
Buying tickets In order to buy tickets, the buyer is obliged to follow the ordering process at the Site. An order will be final once the reservation confirmation of the order has been sent and the full payment has been received and verified by the Site. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide us with a correct email address and to contact us when you have not received an order confirmation. All sales at the Site are final and cannot be cancelled.
Fraud control An order may be cancelled by the Site within 3 working days if it turns out that the order does not pass the fraudulent check.
Prices The Site platform for the purchasing and sale of tickets is a fluctuating market where prices are liable to constant change and are usually higher than the nominal price of the tickets. The Site strives to inform you of the original price of the ticket, these prices may sometimes be estimated approximately.
VAT Prices at the Site are excluding shipping costs. VAT included.
Parties in agreement The Site shall not be held responsible for transactions taking place on its platform between buyers and sellers, nor does it accept ownership of the tickets that are offered on the Site platform. 
Alterations The Site shall not be held responsible for any changes with respect to the event, nor for information regarding seat allotment of tickets which has been provided to the Site by sellers.
Payment Payment is made by buyer in one of the ways indicated by the Site. Buyer authorises the Site to receive payment via Bank transfer or charge the credit card or debit card with an amount that is equal to the price, booking and shipping costs. The authorisation remains valid until the agreement has been observed or the order has been cancelled. Payment via bank transfer has to be made by the Buyer within 48 hours after the placement of an order otherwise the order will be cancelled automatically. Credit or debit card payment of the order will be taken immediately.
Delivery of tickets Tickets are dispatched by registered post at the expense of the buyer. The buyer will be notified beforehand of the shipment or delivery of his tickets. It is the responsibility of the buyer to indicate a correct delivery address and to correctly inform the occupant or reception about the receipt of the shipment.The Site may choose to have the seller deliver in a method other than registered post, e.g. local delivery at a hotel or delivery in front of the venue.
Non-compliance The Site is not involved in the actual transaction between buyer and seller. If the tickets received by the buyer do not meet the ticket requirements of the tickets ordered by the buyer, the buyer shall be entitled to compensation or replacement tickets or better tickets.
Failed delivery If the shipping agent is unable to deliver the shipment to the buyer in person, the shipment will be sent to the nearest distribution office where the shipment will be retained for a certain period, and, in the case of a UPS delivery, will be returned to the seller after three failed delivery attempts. In this case, the agent will leave written evidence behind at the delivery address. If a ticket buyer does not accept, pick up or has the ticket picked up, and the buyer is notified beforehand of the shipment, then the unvisited event will be at the risk and expense of the buyer.
Accuracy of tickets The Site shall not be held responsible for the validity of the tickets. The Site merely makes its platform available for the purchasing and selling of tickets. Should the tickets purchased by the buyer fail to provide access to the event, then the buyer will be entitled to a 150% refund of the agreed price including shipping costs (see buyer guarantee under Article 5).
Errors in shipment/delivery Neither the Site nor the seller shall be held responsible for (consequential) damage if shipment/delivery fails because of the provision of an incorrect address, because the occupant or reception has not been fully informed, or if the buyer does not accept a ticket, fails to pick it up, or fails to have it picked up by someone else, and the buyer is informed about the delivery in advance. The tickets are not insured in such circumstances.
Cancellation If the event is cancelled, the buyer shall be entitled to a refund of 100% of the agreed price, unless the cancellation is not attributable to the seller, for example in the event of suspension of payment or bankruptcy of the organiser.
If an event is rescheduled, the tickets will remain valid for the new date. All purchases at the Site are final, and, consequently, tickets for rescheduled events cannot be swapped or returned.
Buyer Guarantee If an order has been completed, the admission tickets are guaranteed, and the seller fails to observe the agreement in its entirety, or if an admission ticket fails to provide access to the event, and such is not attributable to the buyer, the buyer shall be entitled to a refund of 150% of the agreed price including shipping costs or similar or better tickets, unless failure is not attributable to the seller (for example in the event of suspension of payment or bankruptcy of the organiser) or the Site has dissolved the agreement within 3 working days after its realisation. In the latter case 100% of the agreed price will be refunded.
Consequential Damage Buyer agrees that the liability of the Site for damage shall not total up to more than the maximum amount of the transaction. The Site shall not be responsible for indirect damage, including consequential damage.
Safeguard The Site is not involved in the transaction between seller and buyer. Should a conflict arise between the seller and buyer, then this agreement will safeguard the Site and all managers, directors, agents, affiliates, partners and employees, and you will be liable to compensate the Site for each known and unknown type of claims, demands and damages that result from such disputes or others that are connected with them.
Alterations of agreement Alterations of these terms and conditions of use will be communicated via the website and shall take effect seven days after publication.
Privacy We will not sell or lease your personal details to third parties for marketing reasons without explicit consent. We will only use your personal details to fulfil orders properly.
Applicable law Ukrainian law applies to the agreement. Insofar as deviation from the statutory rules of competence is permitted, the authorised Judge within the District of  Kyiv examines any litigation that may arise between the Site and the buyer.
1 Vershigory street, Kiev 02218, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 (44) 222-87-22? 222-89-22
Fax.: +380 (44) 540-59-84
E-mail: info@euroticket.com.ua
Web site: www.euro-ticket.com

General Terms and Conditions of all Ticket Orders for UEFA EUROPE LEAGUE / UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE / EURO 2012

Please read this page carefully and in its entirety, it details important information on our policies and terms of service. Terms and Condition updated and valid from the 1st January 2011.
These general terms and conditions apply to all Ticket Orders made with euro-ticket.com (hereafter referred to as the Site) for the UEFA EUROPE LEAGUE and or UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and or EURO 2012 hosted by Poland and Ukraine by an individual or corporate or other entity (hereafter referred to as the Client).
The Client is aware that Site is an independent intermediary acting in the secondary market. Site is in no way affiliated with, connected to or cooperating with UEFA EUROPE LEAGUE and or UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and or EURO 2012.
This agreement governs the purchase of Tickets by businesses (corporate) or consumers (private). For purchase by consumers, the provisions in these terms of agreement will only apply as the terms do not contravene the law.
Client s payment must be made by wire transfer, credit card (Visa, MasterCard). All payments are non-refundable. Failure to have made correct payment to Site on the due date as set out in the Ticket Order, constitutes material breach of contract and the Ticket Order will automatically be cancelled by Site without prejudice to any other remedy it may have.
All tickets are sold at face value plus an additional amount representing the fair compensation for the costs, financial risk, work and difficulties involved in obtaining the required seating at the UEFA EUROPE LEAGUE and or UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and or EURO 2012. All prices are inclusive of this additional charge.
All tickets sold by Site are guaranteed authentic. All tickets sold by Site will be delivered according to specifications in order and terms and conditions.
In case of failure Site to deliver according to above and according to our terms and conditions for any reason, Site will pay and return a sum equal to 150% of any deposits and/or payments for undelivered tickets. Compensation in addition to paid amount shall not, however, exceed EUR 300 per Contract or Customer.
Site will deliver the tickets according to these Terms and Conditions and the Order Guarantee.
Due to security reasons UEFA EUROPE LEAGUE and or UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and or EURO 2012 prints and distributes tickets no earlier than three weeks prior to the game. Therefore the tickets will normally be sent by post or courier approximately 7-10 days prior to the relevant game. The Client accepts that due to possible delays, Site have the right to deliver tickets up to 24 (twenty-four) hours before the relevant game.
If Site has not sent the tickets by post or courier by the end of the seventh (7.) day before the relevant game, the Client can up until four (4) days before the relevant game provide Site with a local address / hotel address in the venue of the relevant game in Poland and Ukraine where the Client will pick up the tickets.
However, Site may, at its complete discretion, instruct Purchaser to pick up the Tickets at a pick-up location specified by Site in or nearby the venue of the Event. In case of Purchaser’s pick-up of the Tickets, any relevant delivery charge paid by Purchaser will be refunded.
The Client shall by email or fax provide Site with any change of contact details, including where to the tickets shall be sent, after the date of the Ticket Order. See also clause 4 above regarding local delivery address in Poland or Ukraine and in correspondence with the appropriate city of the Clients specific order number. Such change of contact details shall be sent by email: info@euroticket.com.ua or by fax: +38 (044) 540-59-84.
Site is not responsible for the Client s non-receipt of tickets or returned tickets due to lack of information from the Client.
The parties acknowledge and accept that for security reasons it is essential that the name, address and passport number of each ticket user shall be available for the relevant policing authorities. Site shall have the right to demand such information and the Client shall upon such demand immediately furnish Site with the requested information. Client s failure to provide requested information will result in the non-delivery of ordered tickets, and all payments made by the Client shall be non-refundable.
UEFA EUROPE LEAGUE and or UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and or EURO 2012 entrance specific terms and conditions may be found on UEFA.com.
Site assumes no responsibility for ticket holders being refused entry to a stadium/match due to non-compliance by the Client with the terms and conditions set by UEFA for entry to the stadiums.
Use of the tickets for promotional activities, such as, but not limited to games, lottery or competitions, is prohibited. The Client undertakes to inform each of the final ticket users of this limitation.
Site undertakes no responsibility for its supplier s compliance with applicable law and/or the terms and conditions under which the tickets were acquired.
The Client shall indemnify and hold harmless Site and each of its employees and directors from and against all or any claims, liabilities, costs, damages and expenses (including reasonable legal expenses) by reason of or arising out of Site s provision of tickets to Client which its suppliers have provided or sold to the Site or through the Site in breach of contract with UEFA EURO 2012, UEFA and/or other official agents or in violation of applicable law.
Site provides tickets only, and shall not be held liable for or pay any form of compensation in the event of postponement of a game or cancellation of entire or parts of games or the entire tournament. In cases of loss or theft or similar, the tickets will not be replaced or reimbursed by Site.
To the extent permitted by law, Site hereby excludes all other warranties, conditions and representations than those expressly provided herein. Site shall in no event be liable for any indirect loss or damage and Site’s liability shall not exceed the payment made for the relevant Ticket Order.
The relationship between Site and the Client shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Ukrainian law, and the parties agree that Kyiv City Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute between the parties.
The above shall apply unless in contravention of the law, including the rights of consumers to dispute settlement in a Court of Domicile.
In the case of conflict between the English Terms and Conditions and other linguistic versions, the English Terms and Conditions must prevail.
1 Vershigory street, Kiev 02218, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 (44) 222-87-22? 222-89-22
Fax.: +380 (44) 540-59-84
E-mail: info@euroticket.com.ua
Web site: www.euro-ticket.com 

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